About Nila

Hang on to your hats people! I’m an average human with 3 older kids. I’ve been married 3 times, yes luck number 3 and it seems to be sticking. My husband is a complete nerd and listening to him talk about nerd stuff helps me sleep. My kids keep me humble, happy and on a roller coaster ride complete with tears of joy and heartache.

For the aforementioned I enjoy chocolate, dancing, movies, learning how not to go crazy while I parent and lots of other stuff. See, normal. I am nutty passionate about parenting and improving myself. Why you ask? Because sometimes I utterly suck at life. Know what I mean? If you do, welcome to my sanctuary of reality where we can all nod our heads in agreement to way too many things we have in common.

Oh ya, I was born in Chile and have lived in Canada most of my life and I love it here. Except in the winter when I annually question my parent’s choice in moving here 50 some years ago. Travel is one of my best friends. I was a travel agent for 10 years and actually went to college for it, (it’s a thing). My happy place is on a beach. Period.